RE-PEER: “Peer-to-peer digital environmental and practical learning web app for techwaste reduction and between SMEs, adult centres and policy makers in tech items dismissal”

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RE-PEER: “Peer-to-peer digital environmental and practical learning web app for techwaste reduction and between SMEs, adult centres and policy makers in tech items dismissal” is a 2 years Erasmus+ KA2-Cooperation Partnership in the field of Adult Education, that aims to empower adult learners and adult educators in their everyday life, by:

  • A developed theoretical and practical framework of digital environmental learning/teaching for adult centres, defining the main pedagogical competencies for adult educators and the main circular economy competencies applied at tech waste correct management based on REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE, RETHINK & REFUSE.
  • An elaborated simple and at-hand training material for adult learners in reusing, reducing, recycling, rethink and refuse techwaste and to raise awareness of the techwaste problem orienteering them in everyday scenarios involving technology.
  • And finally, introducing a gamified pedagogical web app focused on everyday scenarios to trigger the interest of adults and make them acquainted with the concepts of circular economy competencies by testing and learning on everyday scenarios.


Throughout 2 years of project implementation, the RE-PEER’s Transnational Partnership set the following results and outcomes that have been achieved:

  • Project Result 1: A circular economy & digital education framework was developed for adult educators and adults.
  • Project Result 2: A developed Training for Trainers materials and guidelines for sustainable adult centres as “repair cafés”, that can be used to organize and conduct training and workshops on e-waste upcycling.
  • Project Result 3: An environmental digital education training material for Adult Learners was developed in the form of a free Online Course. You can register and complete it on:
  • Project Result 4: this result has been developed as a pedagogical quest-based web app to gamify circular economy scenarios.
  • C1: A 4 days short-term joint staff training event in Ljubljana, Slovenia that involved 14 participants from Partners’ Staff, where the objective was to upgrade the skills and competences of adult educators in terms of circular economy and the concepts around sustainable digital education with specific focus on correct tech device management.
  • C2: A 4 days duration Blended mobility in Sofia, Bulgaria, where 15 Adult Learners of the Partner Countries where involved.
  • Multiplier Events in each Country (E1-E7): Partners will organize a set of 7 final dissemination events to reach at least 140 attendees in total (20 in each Country)


RE-PEER involved in the different set of activities implemented, the following mix of complementary Target Groups (participants), involved and selected within the immediate network of the Partnership:

  • Adult Learners: among those in need of improving their environmental digital skills, that we generally define as adult households who are <40 indicated as Y&Z generations (defined as “lost generations”) living in the operating areas of the project partners;
  • Adult Educators:. In need of learning or improving their competences about the negative impact of techwaste management and regarding the practical competencies on techwaste recycle, reuse, reduce, that can support them to better plan their educational programmes and blend digital education with more sustainable and practical technological capabilities around;
  • Adult Centres technical staff in fieldwork;
  • Any other interested parties in learning more about techwaste management and green practices in education and in the work-place.


P1) (Coordinator) B-Creative Association – SWEDEN

P2) Polygonal – ITALY




P6) Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – SLOVENIA

P7) Business Foundation for Education – BULGARIA

So, stay tuned for more news and do not forget to follow Project News and see the available Results and e-tools available, including the free Online Course in English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Slovenian and Bulgarian Language on the website:

 and official social media pages!



Thank you!

This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project No: : 2021-1-SE01-KA220-ADU-000026264

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