LEX(e)CON: “Smart Entrepreneurship for People with Dyslexia”

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Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities with a high frequency of appearance. People who suffer from it have reading, writing and sometimes numerical difficulties. It is a chronic condition that can be improved with early diagnosis. However, adults with dyslexia, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit, need a more specialized, customised and inclusive training environment in order to fully exploit their potential.

In this context, the LEX(e)CON project: “Smart Entrepreneurship for People with Dyslexia”, was born. LEX(e)CON is a 28 months Erasmus+ cooperation partnership in the field of Adult Education, which is aligned with the EU adult education policy cooperation strategy 2019-2027, focusing mainly on boosting entrepreneurship for adults with dyslexia by developing innovative training tools and methodologies, as well as raising awareness in adult education about the many adults with dyslexia who do not have adequate support at school, thus creating a more specialized and inclusive education.


Throughout 28 months of project implementation, the Partnership set the following Project Results (PR) and outcomes that were achieved:

  • Project Result 1: the Analysis Report was carried out presenting significant findings and documented results of a set of analyses regarding the situation and needs of people with dyslexia in partners’ countries and along with the EU.
  • Project Result 2: An inclusive training course that was developed for special education staff, adults, companies or organizations that work with adults with dyslexia, including a curriculum document that bases the training course for supporting entrepreneurs with dyslexia.
  • Project Result 3: this result was developed as an online learning platform that includes all project results, as well as a “Toolbox” with numerous initiatives related to the active social inclusion of people with Dyslexia in business fields from all Partner Countries. You can check it on: https://lexeconproject.com/online-platform/
  • Project Result 4: is a developed certification of the digital training course, available as a Certification Handbook “ISO 17024”, also opened to all institutions which want to actively support people with Dyslexia who want to run their own business.
  • C1: a short-term transnational training event “Train the Trainer Course” in Valencia, Spain, that lasted 2 days and involved 10 staff members to train the future training-staff, and served to improve the previous results.
  • Finally, a Final Conference will be hold in Izmir, Turkey with at least 60 participants, to explain all the aims and objectives of the project and show all previous project results.


The development of the project LEX(e)CON, was planned and it is organized in a way that the participation of the following target groups has been consistent in any phase of the project:

  • Adult living with dyslexia – taking advantage of the new methodology and tools to boost their entrepreneurship potential and skills
  • Adult Education Providers
  • Special education providers – special education center staff, professional adult support, local or regional business developers.
  • Business developers – Business development agencies, business incubators, start-up centres, consultants and many more actors or decision makers in politics and economy which support people in founding or skills upgrading.


P1) (coordinator) brainplus- Projektmanageme nt Schabereiter – Austria –  www.brainplus.at

P2) Vinco – Austria – www.vinco.at

P3)  PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS – Greece – https://www.uth.gr/

P4) KDRIÜ Közép- dunántúli Regionális Innovációs Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft. – Hungary –www.kdriu.hu

P5) YASAR UNIVERSITESI – Turkey – www.yasar.edu.tr

P6) SMARTUP N.B. SYSTEMATIC MANAGEMENT S.L. – Spain – https://smartupsystem.com

So, stay tuned for more news and do not forget to follow Project News and see the available Results and e-tools available including the free Online Course in English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Spanish Language on the website: www.lexeconproject.com

 and official social media pages!



This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project No: 2021-2-AT01-KA220-ADU-000048225

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