Digiplan: Motivation and Time Management in Distance Learning

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Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, Distance Learning in all fields of education has seen a boom unlike any other. This has accelerated the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and revolutionized learning, but has also brought new challenges, some of which have created learning obstacles for both students and trainers alike.

With these new obstacles and challenges in mind, Digiplan: “Motivation and Time Management in Distance Learning”, a 2-year Erasmus+ Project in the field of vocational training, was proposed. The project was designed with the objective of removing common distance learning barriers by providing students and teachers with the proper tools and competences to manage their time and motivation when adapting from traditional physical learning to digital distance learning, specifically in VET training, where time management and proper motivation is often the key to success.

To accomplish these objectives, Digiplan’s international partnership, representing 6 EU countries (Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary and Poland), came together to create 3 innovative and useful Project Results:

  • Self-Management Resources for Students: A compiled collection of resources, tools and learning opportunities designed to help students to manage their educational journey in an efficient, effective, and most importantly, healthy way, by helping them develop a healthier relationship with learning through access to helpful tools and exercises, dealing with 4 key areas: Psychology, Technology, Wellbeing and Support.
  • In-Service Training Programme: A cutting-edge training programme developed for educators and trainers, including engaging modules dealing with the aforementioned 4 key areas in a healthy distance learning experience.
  • Digiplan Online Learning Portal: An innovative one-stop repository for all of the developed content from the project’s results and outputs, designed to help students and trainers best exploit the project’s outputs and spread their impact in a simple, accessible manner, with ease of access guaranteed to all users thanks to its development as an Open Educational Resource (OER).

Through the creation and development of these materials and outputs, Digiplan aims to revolutionize learners and trainers’ relationship with digital and distance learning, helping them manage their time properly and motivate themselves, whilst taking care of their wellbeing and health to ensure they exploit their learning opportunities for all the potential they have. To promote the project and its content, Digiplan’s partners will organize multiplier events in all countries to disseminate the project’s message.

To check out the project, visit Digiplan’s website at https://digiplanproject.com, or check out the project’s Online Learning Portal at https://digiplanproject.com/online-learning-portal/. While you’re there, make sure to follow Digiplan’s Facebook page for updates on events or updates regarding the project!

All content, including the website and Learning Portal, are available in all project languages! (EN, LT, HU, PL, NL, ES).

Thanks for your attention, and make sure to check out Digiplan to learn more about Motivation and Time Management in Distance Learning.

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