BLOCK by BLOCK: “Promoting a new Blockchain Technology-based digital learning pattern in VET to boost entrepreneurship, sustainable business creation and growth”

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As it emerges from the European Digital Strategy: Shaping Europe’s Digital Future (EC-2020), “the EU wants to be a leader in blockchain technology, becoming an innovator in blockchain and a home to significant platforms, applications and companies”.

We can also see that in recent times and even more since the World Pandemic, Blockchain Technologies (BCT) and their use have grown to the point that the required digital skills and possible investment to incorporate such smart technologies onto different organizational systems, are now accessible, however still lacking the required minimum knowledge from organizations and individuals to navigate successfully the digital global economy, so that such businesses can also grow faster and in a more sustainable way.

Thus, in this context, we can see how the project BLOCK by BLOCK: “Promoting a new Blockchain Technology-based digital learning pattern in VET to boost entrepreneurship, sustainable business creation and growth” aims at becoming a new EU educational reference within the Blockchain Technology for new business creation, growth & sustainability and, VET Education, as it provides an innovative online training model and e-tools specifically designed to boost entrepreneurship and, by incorporating in it the BCT fundamentals, tailored on the actual needs of the project target groups, it also enhances the creation of new sustainable online businesses, while facilitating the growth of existing ones, in a more transparent & reliable way (given by the main featured brought in by blockchain technology itself).


During the 2 years of project implementation BLOCK by BLOCK has developed the following list of outcomes & Project results:

  • A multilanguage project website available in 7 Programme’s languages (EN/DE/IT/NL/ES/PL/FI) & Social Media page
  • Project Result 1: Customized Framework of Competences for “Blockchainers”: for current & future digital entrepreneurs & social entrepreneurs, also valid for VET Trainers and Educators, that defines the required set of knowledge, skills & attitudes, for a sustainable digital business growth and creation, thanks to the understanding and incorporation of targeted Blockchain Technology’s fundamentals, which enables individuals and organizations to navigate successfully the global digital economy.

*Based on the Competence Framework, the following 2 Project Results have been developed:

  • Project Result 2: A developed Interactive Online Course for present & future Entrepreneurs (VET Learners) and VET Educators willing to gain/improve their digital skills, while learning about the most effective ways to boost their online services and entrepreneurial potential, by growing and/or creating new long-lasting sustainable digital businesses, thanks to the correct application and exploitation of the Blockchain Technology and its potential benefits. Get your registration and complete the course here:
  • PR3: self-assessment educational App: this result aims to further capacity-building and empowering present and future “blockchainers”, through the use of analogies & gamification.
  • LTTA: A 3 days Train the Trainer Blended Learning Mobility in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, that aimed at capacity-building Staff Members while pilot testing first-hand all 3 Project Results.
  • A final set of 6 Multiplier Events (E1-E6) taking place at the end of the project in each Partner Country, including a Final International Conference in the City of Alzira, Spain, with 200 Attendees in Total.


The development of the project BlockByBlock, was planned and it is organized in a way that the participation of the following target groups has been consistent in any phase of the project:

  • Business Owners, Public Bodies & NGOs’ Directors, Managers, Present & future digital Entrepreneurs, Start-uppers, VET & Adult Learners, Freelancers, etc.
  • VET Trainers, Adult Educators, Youth Workers, Partner organisations & their Staff.
  • OTHER STAKEHOLDERS: SMEs, Start-ups, Business Incubators, NGOs, Public Bodies (Chambers, Municipalities, Development Agencies etc.) and different type of Education providers (VET, Adult, etc.), including relevant Policy Makers and HEIs, wanting to test and incorporate the new developed online training curricula and e-tools into their educational offer.
  • Finally, wannabe “blockchainers” can also benefit first-hand from the project online training methodology and e-tools.


P1) (Coordinator) Brainplus-Projektmanagement Schabereiter – Austria –



P4) SocialDNA – Netherlands –

P5) Taste Roots Società Cooperativa / Upwell Development Consulting – Italy –

P6) Acumen Training Sp. Z o.o. – Poland –

P7) Polygonal North oy – Finland –

So, stay tuned for more news and do not forget to follow Project News and see the available Results and e-tools available including the free Online Course in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Finnish Language on the website:

 and official social media pages!



This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project No: : 2021-2-AT01-KA220-VET-000048064

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