Fake Off! Info Day in Valencia (Spain), The Battle against Fake News has begun!

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Last Friday, November 22, from 6:00 p.m., in the Fco. Climent – Uruguay Falla (Children’s Section), the results of the Erasmus + FAKE OFF European Project were presented! before a large number of young people interested in the main theme of this European initiative. An event attended by volunteers and professionals who carry out activities with young people, as well as fathers and mothers worried about the different sources of information (or misinformation) to which their children are exposed. On the one hand, the day consisted of explaining the phenomenon of “fake news” and its relevance for young people today in a world “dominated” by social networks.
On the other hand, the execution of the FAKE OFF! project was approached, where a Pedagogical Concept for educators, an APP and pedagogical materials for young people has been developed. Even a game developed in these pedagogical materials of the project was used. Also, a group of young people from Valencia, who participated in the previous youth exchange in Padua (Italy) together with young people from Austria, Portugal and Italy, shared their experience and encouraged others to participate in this type of activities.
Finally, the Erasmus + program and the opportunities offered to young people to travel and learn through European scholarships were discussed. The FAKE OFF! It enters its final phase, which will work to develop plans that help the sustainability of the project, as well as the use of its results in other activities and events with young people.

For more information about GoEurope and contact: http://goeurope.es/
The website with extensive information about the project: http://www.fake-off.eu/es/


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